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With over 15 years of experience providing hearing help to those with hearing loss, Robin Fiscus, Doctor of Audiology, is committed to helping people function at their best through better hearing. At Simply Hear Audiology we offer complete audiometric evaluations by a licensed, certified audiologist. Dr. Fiscus specializes in advanced hearing aid technology, superior customer service, custom noise plugs, and Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims and Compensation. We offer a complete line of state of the art digital hearing instruments which are selected to fit your hearing needs. Simply Hear is also owned and operated by Robin Fiscus, who is a Washingtonian. Dr. Fiscus' goal is to help you select the best solutions for your hearing loss based on your individual communication needs and lifestyle.

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Why You Should Only Buy Hearing Aids From A Doctor Of Audiology

Where you get hearing aids is important.
But buyer beware. There is no one‑size‑fits‑all solution to hearing loss. Just as every person is unique, every hearing loss and hearing need is unique, too. To ensure you get a hearing aid that’s custom fit to your precise needs and lifestyle, it’s always recommended that you consult a Doctor of Audiology. The audiologist may find other health‑related issues that could be causing your hearing loss.

A Doctor of Audiology makes a difference.
A Doctor of Audiology has the education, skilled training, and state‑of‑the‑art equipment needed to inspect your ear canal, accurately measure your hearing loss, assess your unique needs, and fit you with hearing aids that take all this important and unique information into account.

Get the most out of your investment.
Hearing aids purchased without the consultation or advice of a Doctor of Audiology risk doing more damage than good — to both your confidence and your wallet. That’s because hearing aids purchased without help from an expert might not sound good, might not work well, and probably won’t be hearing aids you’ll want to wear.

Our promise to you. 
Simply Hear Audiology promises to provide you with outstanding customer care and state-of-the art hearing instruments to help you hear better. Satisfaction with your new hearing instruments is our top priority. We will guide you through the important steps to improve your hearing and get you back to your daily life. We know how important your hearing is. Please call Simply Hear Audiology today to begin your life of better hearing.

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