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Robin Fiscus, Doctor of Audiology

As many of you know, our Audiologist Dr. Robin Fiscus has been away from Simply Hear for quite some time. She wanted to share her story – where she has been and where she will be going.

When I drove to work in October of 2020, my eyes were blurred, and the sunlight was crushing my brain.  My makeup was smeared with tears, and I had pulled over many times to calm myself.  Blindness was hovering all around. I rushed to the ER where the doctors were required to follow their regular regimens. Little did I know, this was the start of a months long journey with corneal ulcers – one that would end with me becoming legally blind. Under these circumstances, at the age of 46, I am ready to pull up my bootstraps and live my new normal. I have decided that having some sight for the next 40 years will come in handy, so I have endured 3 corneal transplants.

It’s next to impossible to summarize the changes that these past couple years have brought.  David Renne has come in to save the biz. My spiritual, emotional, and physical energy have never been exercised in such a massive degree. Despite my tendency towards hermitage, I have stayed involved with Simply Hear as owner and marketing chief and will continue to modify my life with visual accommodations and ongoing medical treatment as well as a certified guide dog for the blind. What I get in exchange is, well, a beautiful life.  And more time with the people in it. I have started to discover other passions and skill sets, one of those being cooking. My new goal in life is to become a YouTube Chef. Would you like to join me on this new journey? Please subscribe to the HouseOfMuse.com and Legally Blind: International Cooking with Robin on YouTube. My sight may be blurred, but my vision has never been clearer.

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