We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

My hearing’s never been better.  It’s amazing how much easier it is to hear and how much more I hear now than I have for a very long time.  What’s even better is the less cognitive effort it’s taking.  It’s something I’m consciously aware of and makes a substantial difference in my daily life.  No small matter.

Dear Dr. Fiscus,
Thank you very much for giving me a hearing exam ahead of my scheduled appointment time. Your kindness allowed me to return early to my home in Port Angeles, WA, a 75-mile trip on a busy and narrow highway. And thank you for the professionalism and courtesy you showed to me while you preformed the hearing exam.

Greg Engstrom, Major, US Army (Ret.)

I am ecstatic I came to Simply Hear to get my hearing needs taken care of. Dr. Fiscus is a friendly and competent professional. I trust my hearing needs to a real Audiologist who cares about my quality of life, rather than a Hearing Aid dispenser, who is just interested in a sale. My previous experience had been to go in for my hearing device and then go home. Many times with a product that did not really work. Dr. Fiscus changed all of that. She not only is warm and caring, she has an inviting staff and office. She encourages me to stop in ANYTIME for cleanings and modifications. I feel like I have my life back, with all my needs met and no questions asked when I need service.

Amber Collier

I had previously been a customer of Costco. Costco could not do the job. If you are looking for mediocre, this review is not for you. I had decided I would go to a private audiologist. I have had severe hearing lost since the age of 16 and happen to be a musician even today. Robin convinced me to give her a chance to help meet my hearing needs. I couldn't say no to someone I had just met who was qualified but who expressed a sincere desire to help. So I gave her a chance and she is the first audiologist in 25 years that I have worked with that was able to get outside the box a little and had me bring my classical guitar in to play while being tested so that I could have my hearing aids sound like they were supposed to or capable of during my most cherished activities. I have been to a large number of audiologists and "hearing aid dispensers" and nobody compares. Need I say more?  Robin has the creativity, intellect, training, experience, and desire to help her patients make the most of their hearing aids. I recommend her to anybody that questions whether they need hearing assistance.

Jesse Espinoza

Simply Hear tested and guided me through the claims process, actually they took charge and filed my claim. They kept me updated and informed what was next. It was very painless and my claim was successful. I would highly recommend Simply Hear and Dr. Robin Ficus for all your hearing needs!

Gary Bowman (Bremerton Firefighter)

Thank you Dr. Fiscus! Robin took excellent care of me; was professional, knowledgeable and fun to work with. She’s up on the latest and is a licensed Audiologist who knows what she’s talking about. If your hearing loss is just a normal loss due to growing older, maybe you don’t need the careful attention I needed, but you will feel better working with her than with someone who just wants to sell you hearing aids.

Johanna Smith

I took my friend to see Robin at Simply Hear. Robin worked patiently with her and after several trial fits, she provided my friend high quality hearing aids that allow her to hear again. What a wonderful gift. Thanks to the staff and Robin at Simply Hear, my friends' quality of life has been increased.

Kevin Pisani

Dr Fiscus is a great Audiologist and a wonderful person. She provides an exceptional service with honesty. Hearing Aids in Bremerton are easy to find, but an intelligent and patient-oriented doctor is priceless. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Simply Hear on Wheaton Way.

Mel Williams

My research, and interviews, as well as recommendation from friends, led me to Dr. Robin Fiscus. My very first interview with her left such a great impression that it led me to have follow-up interviews. As I talked to her more, my conclusion was that I had found the audiologist that I was looking for. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Fiscus to anyone in need of hearing aids, including my close friends and relatives.

Paul Pazooki

I would highly recommend this audiology clinic to anyone who is looking for excellent, honest, professional hearing care. If you are concerned about handicapped accessibility to the building or parking, I found this office easily accessible. Dr. Robin is a professional as well as a friendly cheery person. She takes her time to find the hearing aid that best matches your own personal needs so that you can hear during business meetings or understand what your grand kids are saying. I would definitely recommend Simply Hear to my friends who have hearing challenges.

Sandy Biscuits

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