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If you struggle with hearing loss, have questions or concerns about your current hearing aid technology or treatment options, please visit Dr. Robin Fiscus at Simply Hear Audiology to discuss what the latest advancements in hearing technology can do for you!

Our Hearing Specials:

1. Electronic hearing screening by our licensed Doctors of Audiology.
2. Examination of your ears, it may just be ear wax!
3. Be the first to try Starkey’s newest hearing aid technology. 
4. If you currently have hearing aids, we will clean and fine-tune them at no charge.
5. Workers Compensation claims for PSNS employees!

Many people miss sounds here and there. A word, a sentence, maybe whole conversations have become difficult. But, because hearing loss is typically gradual, over time, what if you’re missing more than you know? Dr. Robin Fiscus will guide you through the hearing evaluation process, educate you about possible solutions and help you experience the joy of better hearing. Let us take care of your hearing needs.

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