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VA Choice Program

We love our Veterans! Here in Kitsap County we are blessed to have a lovely and diverse population. At Simply Hear, we are excited to say that we are the Preferred Audiology Provider for the VA Choice Program. If a Veteran needs an appointment for a specific type of care, such as a Hearing Evaluation or a Hearing Aid Service, and VA cannot provide the care in a timely manner or the nearest VA medical facility is too far away or too difficult to get to, then a Veteran may be eligible for care through the Veterans Choice Program.

If you are a Veteran who already has a service-connected hearing loss, then the process is very simple and straightforward. Call us and we will be happy to schedule you for a complimentary consultation as well as providing you with instruction on how to obtain top of the line hearing aids at no charge. We work directly with the VA, and only the BEST HEARING AIDS are available through this program. We will set you up with bluetooth technology, an app that works with your cell phone, and a direct TV connection. The VA will provide you batteries, and new technology is authorized when necessary. If you DO NOT have a service-related hearing loss...we are still more than happy to help you. The claims process is not always easy, and the staff at Simply Hear can help push through the claim.

Our Doctor of Audiology treats every individual with care and compassion. Dr. Fiscus will test your hearing, go over all the options and styles, and recommend the appropriate hearing aids to fit your individual needs. She is a huge supporter of the latest technologies within the hearing industry, including healthable hearing aids, rechargeables, and even a feature that detects a fall! She is well-respected within the medical community and enjoys providing services to local Veterans and civilians alike. At Simply Hear, our philosophy and goal are to help people with hearing loss maximize their communication abilities. Dr. Fiscus is the Audiologist and Owner of Simply Hear. Helping people communicate with their family and friends is rewarding for the soul and there is nothing pushy or rushed about the experience you will have at Simply Hear.

When is a hearing aid the right solution for someone with a hearing loss?

Research by the National Council on the Aging on more than 2,000 people with hearing loss has demonstrated that hearing aids clearly are associated with dramatic improvements in the social, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of people in all hearing loss categories from mild to severe.


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